• 22 мая 2015, пятница
  • Казань, Петербургская, 52, ИТ-парк, пресс-центр

AKSES@KSU&Innopolis University: Surviving in global competitive environment by building effective teams

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3315 дней назад
22 мая 2015 c 19:00 до 20:00
Петербургская, 52, ИТ-парк, пресс-центр

Artem Vorobyev, Project Manager, Grid Dynamics

It doesn’t matter if you are running a small start-up in a garage, managing a huge project in a global transnational corporation or doing scientific researches — in all these cases you are doing things in a team and experience of building effective teams in different environments is a vital factor of survival of your venture.


To become an effective team player, successful leader and just to avoid of being kicked off on a side-walk of the business you must use each single chance to improve your skills in such areas as team creation, motivation, communication, management, and many others. During this master class will cover these topics talking about such important things as general lifecycle of a team, different behavioural patterns of teammates, influence of organisation structure, level of maturity of team members and other critical moments. In addition to it taking into account globalisation processes generating significant impact on how we do business today we will cover some aspects of cultural diversity and distribution of team members around a globe.


Obviously pure theory is not very effective and actually absence of real life cases is just boring so we will provide a lot of practical examples and cases from previous experience to demonstrate different approaches to team work.


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